Protection From Slips And Falls, Commercial Snow Plowing Troy MI

Any Troy MI facility manager who has handled their fair share of snow can likely calculate the specific costs of their property’s winter needs for example, which buildings need extra roof or pipe inspections, how much salt they need to cover the property per snowfall, how much they should be getting charged for commercial snow plowing Troy MI.

But there are several factors that can affect even the most steadfast snow removal plan and budget. These hidden expenses can arise depending on the severity of a given winter, whether or not you outsource any snow removal to contractors, unforeseen liability issues, and many other reasons.

Supply and Demand For Commercial Snow Plowing Troy MI

The last few years have seen a pattern of unpredictable snowfall rates, which in turn has led to a high demand for supplies or contractors necessary to tackle large snow banks.

Perhaps this is most obvious when it comes to deicing salt. January 2015 saw prices for rock salt soar as back-to-back snowstorms made it impossible to keep up with demand to snow-stricken locations. Municipalities saw an increase in the per-ton price from $65 to over $100, while private companies were forced to shell out as much as $150 a ton.

It’s of course impossible to predict salt consumption since we don’t yet know how much snow will fall, but you can still prepare for this cost by negotiating salt contracts early. That way, you’re more likely to pay a fair price no matter how harsh the winter, and you won’t have to scramble should another shortage hit.

Commercial Snow Plowing Troy MI Contracts

One of the biggest financial traps for facilities in winter is a poorly negotiated snow removal contract that doesn’t account for hidden costs. For example, a simple winter property maintenance contract might only dictate that “X” inches of snow triggers snow removal. So what if you call them for fewer inches? Do you cap a price if the year presents a particularly heavy snowfall? What about ice or melt and refreeze follow up? With several type of Downriver snow plowing contracts available selecting the best for your business is important.

If these questions aren’t answered, they can expose you to lawsuits by the contractor claiming a different price than what you negotiated. Last year in Troy, MI, snow removal contractors sued a property owner for breach of contract, claiming they did not pay their total bill; the property owner countered that charges were made for unauthorized plowing, as well as for plowing and salting believed not to have occurred at all.

Avoid being targeted by contractors by negotiating the right terms for your snow removal plan ahead of time. You should also thoroughly document all of your contractor’s snow removal efforts, which can be critical in defending claims and obtaining any restitution you might be entitled to.

How Much Does Commercial Snow Removal Troy MI Cost?

Winter in southern Michigan means that the temperatures drop, the days are shorting, and the snow falls unpredictably. If your parking lot is not accessible, well, as a Troy MI business owner, you already know the negative effects that could have on your operations and income.

Fortunately, Troy MI snow removal companies help ensure people can get where they need to be, safely. As a snow removal company, we clean snow off of:

  • Commercial Public Roadways
  • Private Commercial Roadways
  • Public Highways
  • Parking Lots
  • Parking Garages
  • Sidewalks & Other Pathways

All types of Downriver snow removal services come with a price. So, if you’re price shopping for a contractor with a fleet of snow plows, the first question that comes to mind is always:

Each Troy MI company has a set of rates based on several factors. This includes:

  • The amount of snow (measured in inches)
  • The size of the roadway (measured in sq. ft.)
  • The urgency (need it in the next hour?, within the next day?, etc.)
  • If you’re on a snow contract or not

Some companies will offer additional helpful services such as salting the roadways and yearly maintenance plans that will also affect the price of snow removal.

The amount you’re quoted will always depend on the size of your parking lot or pavement and the Troy MI snow plowing tools you need. Most companies with both small and large parking lots prefer to work with a reliable Downriver snow removal company, typically on a 2 or 4 year maintenance plan so that they’re covered all year-round.

When it snows, a snow plow truck (or two or more, depending on the areas size) will come to your business and remove the snow for you in a quick, efficient manner. You should never have to dig out a shovel and work up a sweat, then potentially injure yourself or your employees if you try to get them to help.

Breakdown of What Affects The Cost of Commercial Snow Plowing

1. The Amount of Snow On Your Property

One of the number one factors that will affect the cost of your commercial snow plwing Troy MI is the amount of snow. It requires more work to remove deeper amounts of snow even if you’re using a plow.

Plows and snow blowers will take longer to remove 20 inches of snow compared to 2 inches. To put it simply, the more it snows the more you’re likely to pay for someone to clear the snow from your affected area.

2. Parking Lot And Roadway Size

The size of your parking lot or roadway will affect the cost of snow removal. A longer road or larger parking lot takes more time and effort to remove snow. This means you will pay a little more than the average cost.

Most snow removal companies will assess the size of your street or parking lot and add a fee. Steep curves and hills in the road or parking lot will also affect the cost. The more complex your road is to navigate, the higher your snow removal bill will be.

3. Timing

Do you need your Troy MI lot cleared after the snow stops? Or do you need it cleared before the snow gets to a specific depth?

Businesses and apartment buildings may need a driveway repeatedly cleared after so many inches of snow. In cases where there’s a lot of snow, this is an efficient way to quickly clear the snow even though they have to clear it more than once.

In Conclusion

Choosing a company that you can reply on is important, a company that can service your business no matter what, a company like Downriver Snow Plowing Pros. Our team of highly trained professional can handle your Commercial Snow Plowing Browntown MI, or Commercial Snow Plowing Troy MI. Contact us today and Get Service Today!