Know the Signs of a Great Taylor MI Commercial Snow Removal Company

Know the Signs of a Great Taylor MI Snow Removal Company

First, knowing what’s important to you and what exactly your needs are. This is extremely important when interviewing Taylor MI Commercial Snow Removal Service companies. It will also help making a final decision much easier.

Know the Signs of a Great Snow Removal Company

A Know the Signs of a Great Taylor MI Commercial Snow Removal Company actually has a lot in common with all topnotch contractors. They are reliable, efficient, and well-equipped. They can show you an up-to-date business license and proof of liability insurance, plus they take pride in the work they complete.

Reviews of Taylor MI Commercial Snow Removal Company

  1. How do they price Taylor MI commercial snow plowing? Typically, for an in-demand contractor in a region with frequent snowfalls, cost of snow removal service is per month or season. Find out the number of visits that fee includes and how much an extra visit will cost you. Is a single snow clearing session possible?
  2. By what time will they clear your driveway? Eight-thirty AM snow removal won’t do you much good if you need to be on the road by 7 every morning.
  3. What triggers service? How many inches of snow will prompt a visit? 
  1. How fast is their response time in an emergency, such as a major snow event, freezing rain, or a flash freeze?
  2. Where will they put all that snow once they’ve cleared it?
  3. What technology and equipment do they offer their customers?
  4. Do they have backup in case of equipment failure or extremely heavy demand?

Knowing Snow Plowing Equipment and Supplies

Inquire about the equipment and supplies they’ll be utilizing, as well. The contractor you hire should have some or all of these important snow removal tools:

Snow plow. Residential snow removal services use trucks, utility vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, or skid steer loaders fitted with a snow plow blade attachment. If you have a paver driveway, try to request a snow plow blade made of rubber, which is less likely to harm the surface than stainless steel. For plowing a gravel driveway, the snowplow should be fitted with protective ” skid shoes.”

Snow blower. A snow blower is great for clearing moderate to heavy snowfalls, no matter how wet or dense the snow’s texture may be. Added benefit: Not only do snow blowers efficiently move snow, they also compact it.

Power brush. Perfect for regions with moderate climates, a power brush is designed to get rid of small amounts of light snow. It is safer than a snow blower, which can sometimes spray gravel or other debris along with the snow.

Snow and ice scraper. Another very handy attachment for pros to have in their snow-busting arsenal is a snow and ice scraper. This tool works to break up ice and snow that’s too densely packed for a snow plow or snow blower to handle as is.

Spreader. After snow plowing or blowing, a mechanical spreader will make light work of the chore of distributing sand or deicer on paved areas of your land.

Driveway markers. Many snow removal businesses provide highly visible markers (preferably light-reflecting metal poles) to be put in place before the first snowfall of the year. These readily identify you as a customer and prevent property damage by indicating the width of your driveway or location of garden beds.

In Conclusion

Choosing the best Downriver MI commercial snow plowing company will help protect your business from injury lawsuits and help make this winter season go as smooth as possible. Downriver Snow Plowing Pros will be happy to provide you with a free no-obligation quote!