Six Red Flags When Hiring A Commercial Snow Removal Company In Canton Michigan

Six Red Flags When Hiring A Commercial Snow Removal Company In Canton Michigan

Typically, we hear that one regret several of the property managers we have worked with has to do with poor hiring of snow removal contractor Downriver MI. That is why it is so important to do your due diligence, thoroughly vet local contractors and keep an eye out for red flags. How well do you really know the Commercial Snow Removal Company In Canton Michigan you are collecting bids from?

Major Red Flags In Canton Commercial Snow Removal

Sun, snow, or sleet, you should never invite an uninsured contractor to perform work on your commercial property. If you do, you are taking on the liability for this company. Why put yourself at risk? Always ask for proof of insurance. Downriver Snow Plowing Pros ranks as one of the top 5 snow removal companies in the entire state of Michigan.

Poorly Equipped Snow Removal Gear

Area property managers should seek out a snow removal contractor with a full fleet of heavy-duty trucks and equipment designed to clear your Southern Michigan property this winter. Sidewalk crews are important in retail spaces and for HOAs that are sensitive to the noise that blowers. Trucks equipped with commercial-grade snowplows and skid-steer loaders that push snow off of walkways are a must.

And what about sidewalk crews? Does the company you’re considering provide shoveling? This is important in retail spaces and for HOAs that are sensitive to the noise that blowers and other snow removal equipment causes.

Unsecured Salt For Deicing

The demand for salt is greater than the supply, and not all Canton MI snow removal companies will be able to secure the volume of material they will need for this year. So, depending on the snow removal company you hire, your property might not get the ice-melting product it requires to stay safe this winter. Is that a risk you want to take? You want a snow removal company that can prove it has a supply of ice-melting resources. If possible even have it written in your snow removal contract, so that you have a guarantee!

Lack Of Communication

Staying ahead of the storm is your snow removal contractor’s job. You need a responsive partner. Look for a snow removal company that promises a 24/7 point of contact. Effective communication is critical during snow events, and the Canton MI commercial snow plowing and ice management contractor you hire should offer multiple ways to reach the company: phone, text, email and in-person meetings on a regular basis, if requested.

Large, Infrequent Crews

If you are looking at a company that boasts large crews, ask why. Large crews tend to cover lots of ground, and they may travel a way between properties. That could mean a longer wait for a second round of plowing on your property.

You will get superior service if the snow removal company staffs smaller crews with tight territories — meaning routes that are strategically organized so all of the properties a crew services are close together.

No Sustainable Snow And Ice Removal Practices

Winter, in general, can take a physical toll on parking lots and landscapes, so ask the Canton MI commercial snow plowing company whether it uses sustainable de-icing techniques. There are ways to use ice-melting products while minimizing the environmental impact on your Southern Michigan property. Pretreated ice melting products are one good example, which enable safer, faster snow removal with less material.

Commercial Snow Removal Company In Canton Michigan Should Be Prepared Now

At Downriver Snow Plowing Pros, we are thinking about snow 365 days a year. We are routinely revisiting our strategy and meeting with vendors, securing resources like ice-melting products and constantly asking: What can we do better?